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2015 - 12 - 17
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The twenty-first Southern China international electronic production equipment, the microelectronics industry exhibition (NEPCON)Time: August 25, 2015 -27 daysAddress: Shenzhen International Convention...
2015 - 12 - 17
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In order to meet customer production requirements and strengthen equipment flexibility,Now JUKI for KE - 2070 l/CL 1.2 mickey plate models available.Welcome customers to inquire!
2015 - 12 - 17
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Electronic production equipment exhibition, Shanghai, Munich, 2015:Time: March 17, 2015 -19 daysLocation: Chinese - Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E2 E1, our booth No.: E1, booth 1316A wa...
2015 - 12 - 17
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April 2015 NEPCON (China International Electronic Equipment Exhibition):Time: April 21, 2015 -23Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall 1. (No. 7, No. 8 line available)Exhibition hall: hall 1, visi...
2015 - 12 - 17
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Guangzhou international lighting fair in June, 2015:Time: June 9-12, 2015Location: guangzhou (the China import and export fair pazhou hall)Gallery: D16 # 9.1JUKI SMT machine cheng lian kai da technolo...
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1. Cost-effective double placement machine, x, y axis and so on the main coordinate system formed axis adopt high precision high speed servo motor drive precision leadscrew, effectively improve accuracy of SMT . 2. Unique lead screw transmission structure, make the movement to the drive and overlapping direction, reduce resistance, running more stable and higher precision.3. The configuration of different feeder can satisfy the requirement of the different components of the SMT. 4. Open the setting method of feeder, make intelligent optimization method based on artificial optimization possible, improve production efficiency. 5. Provide default feeder feeding coordinate function, is to speed up the manual programming. 6. Put the opening transmission adopts synchronous m...
1.Microcomputer touch screen + PLC control system.  2.Abnormal alarm with voice / three-color lights, and other alarm. 3.Automatic replacement of PCB rack. 4. The plate connecting Japan Panasonic Motor push plate.
1. Application : through high temperature heating, photosensitive film transfer printing on the sheet;2. The effect of width: 350 mm;3. Effect of mode: special automatic membrane device, which can realize double automatically into the plate, automatic film, automatic labeling;4. Configuration features: intelligent single-chip microcomputer control, automatic temperature control function, effect of temperature can be adjusted, speed adjustable;5. The display mode: liquid crystal display (LCD);6. Transfer printing speed: 0.5 ~ 1.2 m/min is adjustable;7. Heating mode: internal heating type silicone drum;
1. Brand LCD computer +PLC Control system Can work offline, not affect the production2. Temperature Precision can reach ±1℃,Windows 2000 operating interface & powerful .3. Cooling zone qty : Top2 / Bottom2,Cooling way :Standard: air cooling , Optional: cooling water. 4. With a power down protection function, ensure that the normal output of the PCB is not damaged. 5. Has the perfect on-line temperature test curve and the analysis, the storage, and printing function. 6. Equipped with independent temperature sensor, real-time monitoring and with cold end compensation function.
Be imported JUKI SMT machine with original packaging
1. At the bottom of the chassis made of 40 square on 1 match M12 adjustable foot cup, stable and reliable; 2. The holder adopts 40 square pass around the seal plate made of zinc plate 1.5 surface electrostatic spraying treatment; 3 Translation adopts step motor with ball screw drive, smooth operation, high positioning accuracy; 4. The roof with a transparent organic glass Windows, convenient observation machine operation; 5. Mobile car using ball screw transmission, improve efficiency; 6. All the positioning approach switch position automatic detection, convenient adjustment; 7. Operating adopt mitsubishi PLC and man-machine interface, convenient man-machine dialogue, operation simple and easy to understand; 8. With high intensity guide rod, to ensure tha...
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