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2015 - 12 - 17
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2015 - 12 - 17
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In order to meet customer production requirements and strengthen equipment flexibility,Now JUKI for KE - 2070 l/CL 1.2 mickey plate models available.Welcome customers to inquire!
2015 - 12 - 17
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Electronic production equipment exhibition, Shanghai, Munich, 2015:Time: March 17, 2015 -19 daysLocation: Chinese - Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E2 E1, our booth No.: E1, booth 1316A wa...
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April 2015 NEPCON (China International Electronic Equipment Exhibition):Time: April 21, 2015 -23Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall 1. (No. 7, No. 8 line available)Exhibition hall: hall 1, visi...
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Guangzhou international lighting fair in June, 2015:Time: June 9-12, 2015Location: guangzhou (the China import and export fair pazhou hall)Gallery: D16 # 9.1JUKI SMT machine cheng lian kai da technolo...
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产品名称: Large Conveyor Vacuum Furnace KD-V10L
  • Large Conveyor Vacuum Furnace KD-V10L Large Conveyor Vacuum Furnace KD-V10L
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Preheating zone quantity (Nitrogen zone) : Up 6 Down 6
Vacuum welding and cooling zone : 2 warehouse,each one 800mm
Vacuum Degree : 20Pa-15s ,10Pa-30s ,5Pa-45s ,1Pa-90s, 5*10-1Pa-180s
High vacuum : Add molecular pump , 5*10-3Pa—360s
Max PCB width :500*350mm
Transmission rail adjustable width range : 80-350mm
Transmission height : 900±20MM
Transmission way : Chain driver+ roller
Temperature up time : About 20 minutes
Temperature controlling range : Room temperature ~380℃
Temperature controlling accuracy : ±1℃


Power Semiconductors

 Hybrid Microelectronic Assembly


 BGA Flip Chip

 Hermetic Seals Optoelectro

 Optoelectronic Package

 Wafer Level Bump





Reflow soldering
Typically high number of voids cause a large non conductive area


Vacuum soldering
Very low number of voids, Typically < 2 % leads to best Thermal Conduction


Void Less


Flux Less


Ultra Clean



1. Void Less

Void reduction between the joining partner (<2%) for better heat transfer . (depending on the device surface quality and selection of process gas). below ordinary conditions void of more than 30% , increase bonding strength.


2. Excellent Temperature Control

latest PLC archtecture and MFC for precision gas flow control , make temperature consistency and precision temperature control .have a good protection .

Water Cooling system : water cooling tank and cross cooling tube ensure it can cooling rapidly in high temperature environment.


3.Very Short Soldering Times

Cycle time is short. welding cycle time about 10 min 。(380-450 ℃ soldering temperature, ooling temperature to 45 ℃。 nitrogen filling, welding vacuum degree is lower than 5*10ˉ¹Pa ), shorter than the other equipment;


4. Variation Process gas

Standard : vacuum chamber filling the 100% nitrogen .
Option : 100% hydrogen, N2 & H2 forming gas , HCOOH, ArH2 Plasma process gas



5. Good human-machine interface

The Windows operating system, provide programming, system status query, system debugging/set, alarm indicator and such as user interface, programming is simple & easy use


 6. Advanced PLC and Safety System :

PLC system prevent accidental eg : Hydrogen leakage .
Ultra high temperature alarm, excessive temperature raising alarm
Cooling water pressure detection system, low pressure alarm
HCOOH tank protective cover to prevent accidental explosion of HCOOH tank
Formic acid, hydrogen gas leak detection alarm system
Safety system of automatic pressure relief if over pressure
Hydraulic pallet -- so as to avoid causing water to undertake circuit damage
Automatic hydrogen burning function, Avoiding hydrogen pollution.



Variation Process gas :

Standard : vacuum chamber filling the 100% nitrogen .

Option : 100% hydrogen, N2 & H2 forming gas , H2, ArH2 Plasma process gas .


Oxygen-free soldering

Improved the wetting bahavior

Integrated or separate implementation of cleaning processes for flux-free

Significant increase in yield by wider process window

Rapid heating and cooling ramps , typical 3K/S

No flux residues on product leve


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