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2015 - 12 - 17
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The twenty-first Southern China international electronic production equipment, the microelectronics industry exhibition (NEPCON)Time: August 25, 2015 -27 daysAddress: Shenzhen International Convention...
2015 - 12 - 17
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In order to meet customer production requirements and strengthen equipment flexibility,Now JUKI for KE - 2070 l/CL 1.2 mickey plate models available.Welcome customers to inquire!
2015 - 12 - 17
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Electronic production equipment exhibition, Shanghai, Munich, 2015:Time: March 17, 2015 -19 daysLocation: Chinese - Shanghai New International Expo Center Hall E2 E1, our booth No.: E1, booth 1316A wa...
2015 - 12 - 17
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April 2015 NEPCON (China International Electronic Equipment Exhibition):Time: April 21, 2015 -23Venue: Shanghai World Expo exhibition hall 1. (No. 7, No. 8 line available)Exhibition hall: hall 1, visi...
2015 - 12 - 17
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Guangzhou international lighting fair in June, 2015:Time: June 9-12, 2015Location: guangzhou (the China import and export fair pazhou hall)Gallery: D16 # 9.1JUKI SMT machine cheng lian kai da technolo...
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KT3050 is a very practical and powerful full automatic mounter, mounting speed is 6,000 CPH. High precision hardware, imported top brands core parts to ensure placement precision like rail, screw, control systems,communication systems and so on. High performance double machine, the most suitable for large quantities of RC and SOP, SOIC, QFP andQFN mixed production .Automatic recognize polarity of componentIndustry control and modularization design idearIndependent control of each axis servo systemEasy for programming of complex PCB, and decrease the debugging timeMultifunction in one machine, suitable for lamp bead, electronical component, small IC.LED mounter speed can reach 6,000 CPH
Independent 3 heating zones control system. Precision optical position system. Advanced Intelligent operate system. Security protection function \ grating protection.
Online AOI optical detector used in SMT production line, mass production of PCBA factory, this new online AOI inspection equipment has automatic classification and front-end placement machine and the back-end NG and OK for machine interfaces, automatic import PCBA circuit board, automatic export PCBA circuit boards and classification (automatic storing your good product and bad product)
1.Refrigerated paste temperature can returning in a short time can use ASAP. 2.Stirring the solder paste 2 tanks in the same time , improve production efficiency. 3. Highly Delay precision setting value time delay error  4. No effect of voltage changes between AC85-264V
1. Control system: high performance ARM embedded processor + embedded operating system, human-machine interface: large screen color LCD display screen + touch screen;Can read digital imaging technology in the touch screen instructions;Can play in touch screen the whole developing process of the production process of video files;2. Bidding site provides developing machine control system, a set of parameters' developing time and developing temperature parameters corresponding to the developing process of the machine and the bidding video playback "functions must be in the tender on the control system of scene demonstration, and the future of the bidding equipment control system must be consistent with the tender scene control system;3.The whole machine adopts the anti-corrosion PVC ...
1. Heating method: independence hot wind cycle ,All temperature zones are heated separately Independency temperature controlling,2. Temperature precision is ±1℃. Motor -Speed adjustable range 0-1600mm/min,Speed precision can reach ±10mm/min, 15 minutes heating up rapidly  3. Modular heating structure, effective prevent the air flow affect each other, the components heated evenly , soldering LED,SMT,BGA /CSP components. 4. Adopt imported high speed motor to drive hot wind cycle, low noise, small vibration, high thermal cycle efficiency. 5. Lead rail + mesh belt transportation mode , independent roller structure and Z-shape stainless steel mesh belt . 6. PID intelligent precision controling,Monitoring the ambient temperature and heat , value changes .Automatic...
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