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2016 - 04 - 15
Chip   23,500CPH chip (Laser centering/Optimum)  18,500CPH (Laser centering / IPC9850)  IC  9,000CPH (Vision centering/MNVC option)  From 0402(01005) to 33.5mm ...
2016 - 04 - 15
1.Professional manufacturing equipment for SMT and mainly used for PCB transmission 2.Automatically control the suspend or convey of the PCB,Steel structure, surface spraying computer toner (elec...
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Quality assurance

First, the installation of the system debugging and acceptance
1, the use of the environment
Measurement system for high-tech electromechanical integration equipment, in order to ensure the high precision of the instrument and the stability of the operation, the working environment has certain requirements:
We avoid the strong current and magnetic fields affect signal measuring instrument transmission equipment. Such as: electric welding machine, the launch tower, etc.
We use three core power measuring instrument, ensure good grounding, avoid various AC clutter.
The required voltage stable, avoid fluctuation of large, it is best to use the regulator.
The machine can work in strong acid and alkali, dust, humidity and temperature environment.
2, power requirements
For the basic room with 220 volts, do not need to use power, it is best to have a UPS regulated power supply.
3, matters needing attention
The user according to the manufacturer's equipment installation requirements do the preparatory work.
The equipment installed by the manufacturer sent in charge.
The equipment debugging by the manufacturer sent in charge, after commissioning, acceptance confirmation by both parties.
Two, technical training
After the arrival of the equipment, the seller to buyer's provide on-site training (including installation, commissioning, equipment operation and daily mechanical and electrical maintenance and training for typical parts measurement) completion of the training, the buyer shall confirm training of personnel can operate independently of the equipment.
Three, technical services and warranty
1 lifetime warranty, one year free repair (by the customer due to machine failure caused by improper operation except), 3 months baohuan;
2 manufacturers set up special line telephone to provide technical support to customers;
3 to ensure that the interests of customers, users in the use of the system itself caused by the quality of the problem, the company's burden (except for force majeure).
4. This system in the use of the environment to meet the conditions, the customer shall strictly according to the normal operating specifications, customers, by itself, does not exclude the fault, should contact with the technical department of the company in the first time, and not allowed to repair (unless, of course, under the guidance of professional and technical personnel of the company telephone), the company were in accordance with the after-sales service manual were free or paid after-sales maintenance services.
5 system in the normal use of the case, the problem of hardware warranty for one year, to provide paid services. Image acquisition card, data acquisition card, and other key parts and components, the quality of the problem, in the case can not be maintained, free replacement within three months.

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