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2016 - 04 - 15
Chip   23,500CPH chip (Laser centering/Optimum)  18,500CPH (Laser centering / IPC9850)  IC  9,000CPH (Vision centering/MNVC option)  From 0402(01005) to 33.5mm ...
2016 - 04 - 15
1.Professional manufacturing equipment for SMT and mainly used for PCB transmission 2.Automatically control the suspend or convey of the PCB,Steel structure, surface spraying computer toner (elec...
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SMT cleaning solvent categories:According to use classification is as follows:1. Online SMT steel plate cleaning, the machine will automatically add solvent to wipe paper, have a spray, and add methods, such as good requirements volatility, low resid...
The placement machine maintenance, Beijing cheng lian kai to suggest you to master the professional knowledge of science and technology: Why do you want to do big maintenance? 1, all kinds of equipment, the technical innovation situation wi...
Preheat the premise - successful repair Over a long period of time to be sure, PCB processing under high temperature (315-426 ℃) will bring a lot of potential problems. Thermal damage, such as welding plate and warping, lead substrate layer, raw...
1. In general, the temperature of the SMT workshop rules of 25 + / - 3 ℃;2. The solder paste printing, the materials and tools needed to prepare solder paste, steel, scraper, wipe paper, air-laid paper, cleaning agent, stirring knife;3. General commo...
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